Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Crying for no reason... oh wait, WILL & GRACE is on.

So I totally started crying tonight for no reason. At first I thought to myself, "Am I a woman AND on my period?" Then I checked the drawers, realized I was being COMPLETELY ridiculous, and thought what the HELL is my problem.

I took a moment, looked around the room, spotted Will & Grace on tv and knew that I was still in fact COMPLETELY ridiculous. These two ficticious characters were lying their seperate and plutonic beds in a Berkshires lodge talking about how much they depended on each other and I blew. I blew hard. I huffed and I puffed and I sobbed the house in.

Apparently I'm a little emotional tonight. It's been a tough couple of weeks - I won't deny it. But personally its been a tougher couple of months that I care to believe. The saving grace is my best friend who through it all has been there and the fact that I am graduating with a SWEET job already in place for me.

For those of you who actually read this blog, I commend you on your valiant loyalty to my ramblings. I have denied you these past few days but trust in the fact that I am back and bolder than ever.

What's next? A chide comment about our Commander in Chief? A goody riff on Laura Linney's Oscar hairdo? Maybe... but I guess you'll have to tune in sometime in the next day or two to find out. For now, I have to go feed my cats and change shirts. Sitcoms can wreak havoc on the tear ducts and a 100% cotton T.

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