Monday, December 29, 2008

Holy Christmas Batman!

This Christmas was full of excitement, magic and... unfortunately... a few passings.

The magic began when we braved the crazies and went to Macy's to check out Santa Claus. No, none of us hopped up on his jolly little lap, but we did walk through his winter wonderland, sneak a peak, and get a jazzy little button that "ho ho ho'd" us right out into the fine china department. (Which is a strange place to dump out sugar-high kids that have just met the man of the seasonal hour. How about the plush doll section instead? CRASH SHATTER YIKES anyone?)

Snow was everywhere too - for a while. NYC at Christmas with snow on the ground in an absolutely amazing sight. If you haven't seen it... get your #@*$ up here and see it (next time... since the snow is melted now).

The new apartment is almost put together - bookshelves are up (the last obstacle to a gloriously cute apartment).

Now... on to the sad news. We lost three incredible talents over the holidays (more I'm sure, but these three have highlights the news feeds).

Eartha Kitt passed away on Christmas Day after a battle with colon cancer. She was 81 and, frankly, the only Catwoman who could take down Michelle Pfeiffer.

We also suffered the loss of two American theatre legends. Both Harold Pinter (78, battle with cancer) and Dale Wasserman (94, congestive heart failure) passed away this last week.

They say Hollywood leaves us in threes... you just don't expect so much so quickly.

On the lighter side of things, these three left us with amazing works that will be shared and cherished for eons.

So this New Year's Eve, lift your glass to American royalty and to the art they've left for us to enjoy.


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Friday, December 05, 2008

About damned time! Bea inducted!!

Bea Arthur (love her... no seriously, love her dammit) is being inducted into the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' Hall of Fame!

The AHall of Fame Committee also selected Dan Burke, Larry Gelbart, Merv Griffin, Tom Murphy and Sherwood Schwartz.

But Bea is by far the most significant (for me). I grew up on Mame, Maude, and the Golden Girls.

Check out this footage of Bea in her Mame glory, performing "The Man in the Moon" from 1994's Jerry Herman's Broadway at the Bowl concert. Pure gold!