Thursday, March 10, 2005's offensive "Come Together" Campaign has this campaign going on to promote unity amongst the gay community. It's horrible. Please read their Press Release below and then continue for a copy of the email that I sent to their parent organization, Planet Out. Ugh.


The "Come Together" campaign

We at PlanetOut Inc. strive to make bold and provocative statements through our advertising campaigns supporting the brand. Our goal is to make gay people visible to not only our community, but to proudly display images of gay people to the entire world. "Come Together" is no exception. PlanetOut knows that while not everyone in our community will have the same reaction to the campaign, the images will undoubtedly get noticed and provoke discussion. We believe dialogue is the key to uniting and coming together as a community, no matter our differences. The American flag belongs to all Americans, and we are proud to call ourselves Gay Americans. America stands for the concepts of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. At PlanetOut, we believe deeply in those same freedoms, and also in the freedom to love whomever one chooses. "Come Together" is our bold statement as we face the challenge of coming together as a nation, under one flag, with inclusion and acceptance for all.

--PlanetOut Inc.

The Campaign

What does the flag mean to you? Our latest national ad campaign, Come Together, embodies the American ideal of uniting people -- through the power of love.We've never shied away from controversy. The models are hot, the message is bold, and America is ready. Are you? Watch the video, view our slideshows, and tell us what you think. Can you tell the models are boyfriends in real life?

The ad campaign will appear on wallscapes, billboards, transit shelters and gay-focused print media in key markets around the country. Read the press release to find out more.
I probably could have written something more eloquent than this, but I was a little zealous in my reaction. Read on: on March 10

Sent on March 10th to:,

Dear Ms. Woodard and the officials at Planetout Inc.,
I am a 29 year old openly gay male who prides himself in volunteering
his time for projects that promote tolerance and solidarity. I believe
in the idea that we must "come together" and unite NOT just as a gay
community but as a global community. I am also a subscriber who
is ready to cancel his monthly membership because of the offensive ad
campaign that you believe promotes the very ideas that I listed above.

The "Come Together" campaign has no value to our community at all. You
offer us "hunky" men arguing about something - we don't know what, maybe
they're made that Old Glory only has three colors or that it doesn't
breathe well. Then, as an act of "coming together" they end up kissing
in bed together. While there's no obvious sex taking place, the
connotations are there.

You are only reinforcing every right wing lawmakers belief that we are
petty, antagonistic, sexual people. You are perpetuating steretypes
that have enveloped us for eons. Can we not show the world (and each
other) a more positive message than one of angry hot guys loving each
other under the American flag?

Please stop this campaign before the "general public" has the
opportunity to use it against us. I had much more hope for and than this. I'm sorry that you believe that this
represents us.

Ugh... people are so frustrating.

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