Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Short films make me pee a little.

I found a couple of short films online that made me happy/sad/laugh/cry/pee. They're all located on the PlanetOut Short Movie Awards 2005 webpage. The one in particular that I want you to watch is Sucker. It hysterical! The premise, as listed on the website, is "Two girls fight to the death over a candy cane." Don't worry, it's computer animated. The animation isn't great... Pixar has nothing to fear... but the shtick is slap-your-momma funny.

There's also a couple of really sweet shorts on their as well so I encourage you to peruse them at your leisure and see what you think.

On a slightly (completely) different note... I'm almost packed. I'm moving from a 2-bedroom apartment in my complex to a 1-bedroom. My roommate is gone and I can't afford the burdern/luxury of all this space... nor do I have the furniture to fill it. So this Saturday I will be busy shuffling my belongings between spaces. Woohoo. Moving sucks.

The cats are a little freaked out too. I really wonder if their world is like in Garfield, where they speak telepathically to each other. Maya (the big sister) would probably be saying, "Why the HELL do I put my crap on that spot if we just have to move again?" Pinter (youngin') would be saying "Hey, who moved my toys?" I suppose that's better than, "We'll wait till he's asleep and then we'll suck the life out of him... mwah ha ha ha."

Of course, I'd rather my own cats be the devilish culprits of that crime and NOT some freakish doll. My mom had this HORRIBLE life-size 6-year old girl doll that she got when she was little and KEPT forever. I swear to you the thing would move. Nightmares about her looking for me used to plague me when I was little (and into my 20s). I hated that thing. Luckily she's locked away in a storage shed. Not my choice, I'd rather see her melted into Matchbox cars but I don't have a say in the matter. :)

Well, that's all the news that's fit to print for the night. I'm off to find some food and then lay myself down for bed. Later skaters.

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