Sunday, March 27, 2005

Dear father... it has been 17 days since my last confession, er, I mean, entry.

So despite my better judgement I have fallen wayside in my attempts to keep this pseudo-diary up to date. But here goes... March 27, 2005:

Patrick was here for the weekend and just left this morning to get back home for Easter with his parent's. I already miss him. When you live with someone (as friends) for a little over 2 years you get very accustomed to seeing them morning, noon, and night and then your lives change and you go different places and find new people and suddenly the world is very different and you wish you could sit on the couch with your best friend watching Godzilla movies and laughing about the assholes that you dealt with throughout the day. Granted, we've not lived together since last May but still... he was only an hour and a half away until Christmas and then he moved back home (five hours away) and it's hard to deal sometimes. But I'm glad for the time that I do get to spend with him and the effort that he makes to come down and be with me. If I had a car handy I would return the favor ten-fold but that's not an option right now. And who knows what tomorrow will bring anyway... luck, magic, money, fame... or the return of friends to a more fixed place in your life. May you all be so lucky and may distance not matter in your relationships.

On a side note I've decided to make myself available to the singles world again. No, I didn't just break up with anyone, but I had put dating on hiatus for a while now. I didn't have time and I just wasn't feeling the urge... crazy I now. What gay man doesn't want to be out (no pun intended) with someone every chance he has? Well, I didn't.

A story: Imagine the need to date as a big ripe watermelon. Now let's pretend that I had somehow swalled a seed (NO JOKES) during my last relationship. Well, when it ended it wasn't harvest time and the seed just sat there in my stomach washing around with the sweet tea, french fries, and Bruster's Ice Cream. Suddenly a couple weeks ago the seed took root and has been growing steadily. Now I'm getting this big ripe watermelon growing inside and it needs out. FYI - this is NOT a metaphor for sex. FAR FROM IT. This is a metaphor for the desire to be with other people, romanticaly.

Well, enough of my jabberjaws this morning. I need to show, clean house, etc. Wow, feel privileged. This was an extremely intimate journal entry. Those don't happen that often.


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Eden Mensah said...

I like the way you write. Where can I get more to read. I want to be able to write like this