Monday, March 07, 2005

Not sleeping... take two hours of the BBC's Shakespeares and call me in the morning.

Why am I up you might ask? Well, I've not been sleeping. I have to move on Saturday, finish my theatre history journals, AND figure out how to pay for living all while saving the world from the forces of evil.

It's a tough job. It's very much like being a Superfriend except that my Hall of Justice is a two-bedroom apartment, I don't run around in colored tights (often), and my cape is just an aphgan clipped around my neck with a clothespin. But here I am day in and day out consoling the world that tomorrow is just a day away and that sunshine spills from my rump. (Obviously it has too since this crap is spilling out of my mouth.) :)

In many ways its fun to be the guy that everyone goes to. It makes you feel good, special. I know that if my friends were bitten by zombies, died, and then came after me they would be hoping for my wit and quick thinking to save them. That or they'd want to eat my brains. Either way, they would end up with my thoughts on the matter I suppose.

One of my best friends, we'll call him Ma for short, applauded my consistancy in writing on this blog. He said he hadn't been to his in eons. (His blog can be located I looked tonight and realized I hadn't been on here in five days. That's a business week! I realized that if I had hired myself to keep this blog up and running, I would have fired myself for five days of "no call/no show".

Then reality came sweeping in and I decided it really didn't matter... it's just fun to spill the crap like this when the mood strikes. So, I put away my childish thoughts and turned on my childish TV and watched a repeat of this season's SNL. Amy Poehler is my new hero. Her character Kaitlin is hysterical. I swear to Jebus that I knew her in the fourth grade. If you don't get a chance to watch it, try. If it's NOT going to happen go to and read the sketches (usually it's just as funny to read it out loud yourself or with friends).

Ok, enough jabber jaws for now (not affiliated with Jabber Jaws cartoon character or Hanna Barbara Inc.) I have to TRY to get some sleep. Enjoy.

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