Friday, October 21, 2005

Tells me I'm bloody damn Bubbles does it?

After reading my friend Mike’s blog and hearing about his results on the Which Golden Girl are you? Quiz, and then watching AbFab tonight I decided to take the Which AbFab character are you? quiz. (Click here to take it if you wish...AbFab Quiz).

Turns out I'm Bubbles so of course the bloody thing is faulty. It can't tell its digits from its whozits much less who I am and how much I'm not like Eddy. Ridiculous. That scowling BBC quiz sitting there, staring at me, judging me... like a big glowing electronic canker sore. Bastard. I'll tell you who I am darling and it's not loopin' loony Bubbles that's for sure. I'm more a Jane Seymour and Julia Sugarbaker combined that's what I am sweetie but you know, puters just don't have that kind of knowledge yet. Yes darling, PUTERS, p-u-t-e-r-s, the little bobblies with the blinking lights and the click-click board for putting in words, you know. Like the Apricot or the IBS... puters damnit! Anyhow, they aren't smart enough to know the difference between people you know. It's not like you walk into the room and hear, "Hello dear, how was your day?" from a $2000 Light Bright do you sweetie? No, you don't. So the quiz was bully and I wouldn't wish the results I had on anyone. Except maybe Elizabeth Hurley, the skinny bitch.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Nell Carter... a zombie?

I think if you're going to have a nightmare, as I did last night, it should be a full out nightmare and not just a bizarro-creation from the deepest regions of your subconscious. Mine... the bizarro-creation.

I was traveling through New York (or some German expressionistic version of NYC) on a schooltrip (odd, since I'm not in school and haven't been on a "schooltrip" in nearly 15 years). Suddenly, and without warning, I was standing on top of a car fighting off zombies in a sad attempt to save my classmates. Suddenly, a greyed out and crackily skinned Nell Carter (God rest her talented soul) comes out of nowhere and attacks me.

Now, you may ask, "Why would Nell Carter attack you?"

Well, George Romero has taught us all that zombies need to eat the brains of living humans in order to survive but as I learned from my dream last night... some zombies are coming to you for help. When, in my dream, I fought of the zombified creature that had once been Nell Carter she yelled at me and asked me "What the hell are you doing?" Now consider for a moment the shock that has befallen me by first being attacked by zombies, then realizing that one of them is none other than Nell Carter, THEN realizing that Zombie-Nell is intelligent and inquisitive. This was a conundrum.

In the dream, I put down whatever blunt object I had in my hand (beam, shovel, who knows) and just looked at this Zombie-Nell laying against a brick wall looking at me while she rubbed her head. "I come looking for help and you're gonna knock me down?" (Ever the diva. Love it.)

Turns out Zombie-Nell wasn't much of a zombie. She had (from what I remember) covered herself in oatmeal or some other clumping goo and only pretended to be a zombie so that she could escape. I would have thought that zombie's could smell the difference between humans and the undead but maybe their sinuses have dried up and decayed and thus Ms. Carter's theory for escape would be plausible. She had only been trying to climb on top of the car with me because her oatmeal (
or some other clumping goo) had begun melting off her face in the hot Manhattan sun.

Somewhere around this point in the story, I either woke up or "changed channels" and moved on to something else. I suppose my brain decided that Zombie-but-not-Zombie-Nell-Carter was enough of a creative stretch for one evening and now it was time to rest.

Thank you Nell Carter for filling my sleep with interest. I like to believe that you are in the big Broadway house in the sky, singing some Ain't Misbehavin' to house filled to capacity. (OMG... I'm so gay.)

Sunday, October 09, 2005

My teaching site

I just uploaded my “professor” site to the UA server. Eventually (i.e. once I get back to the office tomorrow) I can upload my syllabi and get everything in order for students to access. We’ll see how that goes. If you’re interested you can visit the site here…

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Eons... yes, eons...

I know. I know. It's been eons (as the headline says) since I've posted anything on here. Call me lazy... or call me INSANELY BUSY but I'm sorry.

Anyhow, to catch you up... it's Later that Same Day... Rhoda is on the phone with Mary and Ted is busy trying to write a feature for the evening, wait a minute, that's not my life... that's Mary Tyler Moore. Damn it! I thought I was awfully successful for my age. At least I haven't lost a beret (sp?) by tossing it haphazardly into the air in the middle of downtown.

Seriously, I've been super busy with school... not taking classes but teaching, believe it or not. I'm currently serving as Interim Co-Director of the Theatre Managment program at UA and let me tell you - if you thought your professors had it easy b/c they came in, lectured, and went home... HA! You were sorely mistaken.

I'm on guard all day working to insure that the marketing and front-of-house efforts are going off without a hitch, molding young minds to be creative thinkers for the future of our industry, and constantly planning my next career move. (Baby steps, baby steps.)

When I do have some down time I try desperately to catch up with those that I have lost touch with... if you haven't had that from me, don't worry, it's coming.

I got on a kick recently and decided that since I couldn't be with my dear Addie that I would send her off on a new tour with our favorite leading lady of the Country stage (and screen), Ms. Dolly Parton. Their "tour blog" is here ( It's tons of fun and Addie loves it which is pretty important in the endeavor. One might assume that our obsession with Dolly is unnatural but you see, she is the hero to all children of the Smoky Mountains and must be treated with the respect she deserves. Others might assume that I am not treating her with respect b/c of the "humorous" adventures she is having unbeknownst to her. Well, to those who believe that this is a ridicule of Dolly... poo poo to you. This is my way of sharing in the life of a celeb and a distant best friend through comedy, satire, and love. (Author's Note: no one has actually said I am disrespecting Dolly... I just see it coming... like the plague or the Spanish Inquisition. Oh wait, no one expects the Spanish Inquisition. Damn, wrong again.)

Well, that said I must away to bed. Between Benedryl and the stress of daily life I am exhausted. Ta ta for now and please write soon ( and let me know how you're doing.