Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Tony Test

Photo courtesy of The Tony Awards.
So of the 26 awards (not including the special awards for lifetime achievement, regional theatre, etc) I got 17 right... well, 16 but one of those was Adam Cork and I thought he'd win Sound Design for Enron but he won for Red.

The others that I missed are (click below to read more):

Leading Actress in a Musical
I thought Montego Glover would win for Memphis but Catherine Zeta Jones took the award for A Little Night Music.

Featured Actor in a Play
I anticipated Jon Michael Hill for Superior Donuts but it went to Eddie Redmayne for Red.  I'm thrilled for Mr. Redmayne.  He was really wonderful.  But sad for Mr. Hill who was so charming.

Featured Actress in a Play
I had guessed that Jessica Hecht would have won for A View from the Bridge.  Scarlett Johansson won (for the same production).  She was great but I thought Ms. Hecht had a much stronger character and really lived the world she was in.

Featured Actor in a Musical
I was sure Bobby Steggert would win this for Ragtime.  He was great and his career is just exploding.  But Levi Kreis won for Million Dollar Quartet (which I haven't seen but he did a nice job on the telecast).

Director of a Play
I hadn't seen Next Fall when I guessed that Sheryl Kaller would win this won.  I had seen Michael Grandage's work with Red and should have gone with my gut.  But I had this feeling that Next Fall would sneak in and steal it.  I was wrong... clearly.

I should have seen this coming.  Bill T. Jones won for Fela!  I was sure Lynne Page had this for La Cage Aux Folles but no.

Here's the deal... I thought, because of the way La Cage had been reimagined, that it would sweep more awards.  So I guessed that Jason Carr would win this.  But this went to Daryl Waters and David Bryan for Memphis.  Shoulda known.

Best Scenic Design of a Musical
Again, my La Cage theory had me here.  But this went to Christine Jones for American Idiot.  I just won't be able to rationalize this one.  I didn't get it.

Best Costume Design of a Musical
Marina Draghici won this for Fela!  Again... I thought Matthew Wright had this for La Cage.

And finally... Best Sound Design of a Play
This is where I thought Adam Cork would win for Enron but he won for Red.  So I'm calling this a draw.

So in the end, I got 17 out of 26 right which isn't too terrible.  Right?


themikejones said...

I got 13 right! :)

Thomas said...

Yay! Nice work.