Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pride Run Success + iPhone Failure

Photo courtesy of Front Runners
I ran the New York Road Runners/Front Runners 5M Pride Run today and my official time was 50 minutes and 37 seconds and I came in at 2398 out of 3564.  That's like 67th place out of 100 people if you want to squash the numbers down to something more reasonable.  I wasn't in the front 50% but I did as well as I expected and will try to shave the time by 5 minutes next year.

Somewhere around mile 3.5 I felt a little weak and woozy, but slowed to a quick walk until it passed and then hit the ground again.  I thought I had gone a full mile and decided to slow down again... and was sure that I had at least another full mile to go but looked up, saw the rainbow flags which indicated the finish line.  So everyone at the end saw me slowing down for the end... so I sprinted the last of the race and crossed the finish line after my aforementioned 50 minutes and 37 seconds.  

All in all a good first run.  Not sure if I'll become addicted to it but I had a great time.  

The only downside is that my iPhone (which was already suffering some pixel deterioration because of a fall last week) decided that it no longer wanted to cooperate and repeatedly turned its volume down on me... so no ringing, no hearing (people or music), no nothing.  Plus, the volume graphic has decided that it needs to live on the screen full time and where it lives is the spot where it there is no pixel deterioration. 


iPhone - FAIL!  

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