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Live Blogging the Tony Awards

Here the come! The Tony Awards will air on CBS in just under 2 hours. Right now I'm following the Red Carpet coverage on NY1 (also available online at Don't forget that the Creative Arts Awards are live at 7:00PM at the link above as well. Stay tuned. More to come! NOTE that updates will appear below this paragraph in order of most recent.

UPDATED: 11:01pm 
THE END - That's it ladies and gents!  Here's to a new season.  Check out the rest of the blog and follow me on Twitter.

UPDATED: 10:58pm
And the final award of the evening... Best Musical goes to Memphis! Thanks for wrapping that up Ms. Peters!

UPDATED: 10:53pm
Best Leading Actor in a Musical goes to DOUGLAS HODGE!  Thank goodness!

UPDATE: 10:49pm
Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth are taking this whole "ignored" thing pretty good.  "Or as I call it, 'Passover'."  Brills Nathan!  And now, the Best Actress in a Musical award goes to Catherine Zeta Jones... wait what? 

UPDATE: 10:39pm
You know, Billy Joe Armstrong could have at least combed his hair.  And now ladies and gentlemen... I give you Too Loud and Too Flickery Set to Green Day Music.

UPDATE: 10:37pm
Raquel Welch seems surprised to be there.  She's announcing the Best Revival of a Musical... fingers crossed for La Cage Aux Folles.  Come on!  COME ON!  And the winner is... LA CAGE AUX FOLLES!

UPDATE: 10:36pm
Sean as Spider Man mumbling "Don't Rain on My Parade"... might be the best moment of the night.

UPDATE: 10:24pm
Love you Laura Bell Bundy!  Especially for presenting Lea Michelle and Matthew Morrison!  Lea Michelle is tearing it up on the carpet.  Pretty sure this is her audition for the revival of Funny Girl.

UPDATE: 10:21pm
And the 2010 Best Play is... Red!  Knew it!!

UPDATE: 10:19pm
And in a total shocker... Fences wins for Best Revival of a Play. LOL!

UPATE: 10:18pm
Kevin Chamberlain as Uncle Fester saves the day by fixing the dead lightbulb.  Ha.

UPDATE: 10:11pm
Stanley Tucci invokes the memorial of those amazing folks who have passed on.  I'm going to miss you Rue, Dixie, Lynn, Doris, June, Gene, Lena and all.

UPDATE: 10:03pm
Paula Abdul presents the Best Choreography.  Come Fly Away looks interesting but not for me.  Just not my thing.  Promises, Promises should be a fun flashback to the 60s.  But I don't get the context.  But congrats to Bill T. Jones for winning this one for Fela!

UPDATE: 9:50pm
Will and Jada Pinkett Smith present the company of Fela!  

UPDATE: 9:48pm
Helen Mirren continues by announcing Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play.  And the Tony Award goes to Denzel Washington for Fences.  If there were seats available they'd be gone tomorrow!  

UPDATE: 9:45pm
Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play goes to Viola Davis for Fences!  She is such an astounding actress and looks like a goddess in that gown.

UPDATE: 9:44pm
Sean Hayes dressed as Annie.  A-MAH-ZING!

UPDATE: 9:33pm
The performers from the Best Revival of a Play shows are on.  Again, those projections.  Can I get those installed at home?  By the way, Justin Bartha is dreamy too. 

UPDATE: 9:30pm
Hello Idina!  So glad to see Christiane Noll performing her wonderfully powerful role of Mother from Ragtime.  P.S. The animation is blowing my mind.  Just amazing.

UPDATE: 9:20pm
Here comes Catherine Zeta Jones performing "Send in the Clowns".  I'm sure Bernadette Peters will be amazing in the role, but just look at how exquisite CZJ is.  Just amazing.

UPDATE: 9:17pm
Kristin Chenoweth is so funny.  How is she not in everything? How hilariously humble to make so much fun of herself. Brills.  And now, the Best Featured Actor in a Musical goes to Levi Kreis for Million Dollar Quartet.  Surprised.  Really thought that Bobby Steggert had this one.  But kudos to Levi!

UPDATE: 9:09pm
Mark Sanchez (ok) announcing the cast of Memphis.  Great performance... except for the momentary tech glitches.  It's like the Gods of Sound hate the telecast every year.

UPDATE: 9:05pm
David Hyde Pierce and Kelsey Grammer on stage... both getting choked up.  Announcing Best Featured Actress in a Musical.  And the Tony goes to Katie Finneran for Promises, Promises!

UPDATE: 9:00pm
How excellent.  Miss Angela Lansbury is the league's first Honorary Chairman.  What a great surprise Mr. Chapin!

UPDATE: 8:52pm
The Best Play nominees are presenting themselves in front of some cool projections.  Nice animations.

UPDATE: 8:48pm
Best Direction of a Musical goes to Terry Johnson for La Cage aux Folles.  I knew it!!

UPDATE: 8:47pm
Sean Hayes in white tights and a prominent prop... hilarious.  Antonia Banderas is announcing Best Director of a Play... and the Tony Award goes to Michael Grandage for Red.  Again, amazing show.  Very well deserved.

UPDATE: 8:35pm
La Cage aux Folles just might be my favorite thing ever.  Such a wonderfully sweet story.  What a fantastic number.  Douglas Hodge is my new hero for taking a $20 tip from Matthew Morrison.

UPDATE: 8:32pm
Lucy Liu to the stage please.  And doesn't she look lovely. She presents the Best Featured Actor in a Play to Eddie Redmayne from Red.

UPDATE: 8:25pm
Ricky Martin (soon to be seen on Broadway in Evita... well, soonish) is presenting the cast of Million Dollar Quartet.  Haven't seen the show yet but it looks fun.  And what a handsome cast.

UPDATE: 8:18pm
Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Play goes to Scarlett Johansson for her debut performance in A View from the Bridge.  A really wonderful performance!

UPDATE: 8:17pm
Welcome Daniel Radcliffe and Katie Holmes to the stage.  For the first awards.  

UPDATE: 8:14pm
OMG Kristin and Sean making out.. hilarious. Take that Newsweek!  "As Angela Lansbury calls it, 'a whippersnapper'."  Hilarious x2.

UPDATE: 8:09pm
Not caring for Green Day so much.  Just not my cup of tea.  Can we go back to the Cagelles?

UPDATE: 8:07
I swear to God, I think I'm love with the Cagelles from La Cage.

UPDATE: 8:05pm
Sherie Rene Scott and the Mennonettes are rockin' it hard with "Climb Up the Ladder to the Roof!"

UPDATE: 8:03pm
Kristin Chenoweth looks like a cute little pixy little disco ball... but is singing the heck outta Bacharach.

UPDATE: 8:02pm
Sean Hayes is DELIGHTFUL! And the cast of Million Dollar Quartet is doing a spectacular job.  

UPDATE: 7:45pm
Gregory Jbara is pretty funny with the rules of the evening... "as long as you can do it in a minute and 30 seconds."  So fantastic that the Creative Arts Awards can be viewed by the world via the web.  More news once the big show starts in 12 minutes.  Hang tight!

UPDATE: 7:42pm
Best Sound Design of a Musical goes to Robert Kaplowitz for Fela!

UPDATE: 7:40pm
Best Sound Design of a Play goes to Adam Cork for Red.  Again, great work on that show.  It was just such a realistic environment.

UPDATE: 7:36pm
Best Scenic Design of a Musical goes to Christine Jones for American Idiot.  Hmm... didn't see that one coming.

UPDATE: 7:35pm
Best Scenic Design of a Play goes to Christopher Oram for Red.  Such a good set.  Really made me feel like I was back in an art studio from my art school days.  I could almost smell the turpentine in the room.

UPDATE: 7:31pm
Best Lighting Design of a Play goes to Neil Austin for Red.  And Best Lighting Design of a Musical goes to Kevin Adams for American Idiot.  Called it!

UPDATE: 7:30pm
Best Costume Design of a Musical goes to Marina Draghici for Fela!  Shocked.  I was certain Matthew Wright had this for La Cage Aux Folles.

UPDATE: 7:29pm
Best Costume Design of a Play goes to Catherine Zuber for The Royal Family.  I think her work was so wonderful with that show.

UPDATE: 7:28pm
Best Book of a Musical goes to Joe DiPietro for Memphis.  That's three!

UPDATE: 7:24pm
Best Original Score (Music and/or Lyrics) Written for the Theatre goes to Memphis.  Music by David Bryan and lyrics by Joe DiPietro and David Bryan.  That's two for Memphis, if you're counting.

UPDATE: 7:24pm
And the Tony for Best Orchestration goes to Daryl Waters and David Bryan for Memphis.  David Bryan is missing his first concert with Bon Jovi ever to be at Radio City tonight.  Amazing.

UPDATE: 7:20pm
David Hyde Pierce picks up the Isabelle Stevenson Award for his fight against Alzheimer's.  He's so wonderful to watch regardless of what he's doing.  He is thanking Tom Viola from Broadway Cares who will soon receive his own special Tony Award.  That's coming up shortly.

UPDATE: 7:17pm
Marian Seldes wins her Lifetime Achievement Award as well.  She looks so worthy and humbled!  It is unreal to watch someone so talented have no ability to speak.  So very odd that she just walked off stage.  I suppose when there is nothing to say you simply exit stage left.

UPDATE: 7:15pm
Alan Ayckbourn just won a Lifetime Achievement Award and got a standing ovation.  Congrats Sir Ayckbourn!  He thanked MTC and 59E59 Theatres for their support.  Congrats to all my friends there too!  And congrats to the he Eugene O'Neill Theater Center for receiving the Regional Theatre Tony Award! Well deserved!

UPDATE: 7:11pm
Eeek!  Karen Olivo... Arthur Laurents may never cast you again for that snarky comment.  Funny... but snarky.  

Howard Sherman... hilarious opening comments. Kudos all around for this 33rd telecast on CBS.  

UPDATE: 7:00pm
Creative Arts Awards are starting in just seconds.  Watch it live online at the Tony Awards website.

UPDATE: 6:48pm
Would give almost anything to be up there with Matthew Morrison, Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff. Now quit cutting away to Chris Noth cameraman!   

UPDATE: 6:39pm
It is hard to believe that that is Idina Menzel's mother.  They look the same age (that's a compliment to the mother... not an insult to Idina).

UPDATE: 6:27pm 
Scarlett Johansson looks fantastic!  The dress, the make-up, the up-do... all great. She's so well spoken.  

UPDATE: 6:21pm
Why is Daniel Radcliffe so nervous?  Adorable.  Can't wait to see him in How to Succeed...!

UPDATE: 6:14pm
NY1 is showing the folks in Times Square. A bit of reverb since they are broadcasting themselves on the giant screen but still. Pretty cool - if you're willing to deal with the rainfall.

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