Thursday, June 03, 2010

Running with Pride

Image courtesy of Front Runners New York.
So, on June 26th I'll be attempting my first organized run as part of the Front Runners New York Lesbian and Gay Pride Run (5M).  The run, as the name clearly states, is part of Pride this year and I figure it is as good a time as any to try my hand at running and participating in Pride as more than a march spectator.

Keep in mind that this run is only 5 miles and should be cake... but we're talking about me, someone who only runs as a warm up on the treadmill at the gym or if being chased by a machete wielding psycho at camp.

Sarah and Nancy - both amazing, trained runners who do marathons umpteen times a year for the sheer joy of it - have both been incredibly encouraging, giving little suggestions here and there on how to survive my first run.

Tip 1: Add time/distance to runs every morning.  I was able to pull off a 9.5 minute mile without stopping but, until this run became a reality of my future, that was it.  I always jumped off the treadmill at that point thinking, "Well, I've warmed up.  Now on to the weights."  No no... over the week I've increased to two miles at 9.5 minutes per.  It's exhausting, but doable.  Now I just have to add another over the next week and so on.

Tip 2: Run outside! The ground, the real unmoving yet changing ground, is so different from the conveyer belt of a treadmill.  My first attempt at this was horrifying.  Who knew that trying to keep your balance running over uneven terrain would work your core like that!?  OW!

Tip 3: Don't give up.  Five miles in the grand scheme is nothing.  I easily walk at least that much in a given day.  Even if it takes far longer than I hope I just have to get it done.  It's nothing compared to a marathon where people bleed, pass out, etc.  And it's just around Central Park.  I've walked that dozens and dozens of times.  Now I just have to run it.

I'm sure they'll have more advice as the next three weeks go by.  More updates as we get closer.  Hopefully I'll be able to handle 3 miles straight through without collapsing by next Wednesday.

Left: CheerNY, the all-volunteer non-profit adult cheerleading squad by and for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Straight communities, encouraging runners at last year's run.  Photo courtesy of New York Road Runners.

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