Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to Start a Bad Day

First, awake from a fitful sleep and dreams (to use the term loosely) that you've already dressed, been to work, had a long day and then been late coming home.

Second, stay groggy.  It's a great way to get motivated to maneuver the challenges that lay before you.

Third, climb onto the train but make sure that the train hasn't come for a long while, that way it is exquisitely packed with the hordes of folks on their way to various jobs or schools.

Fourth, after a tumultuous, thrashing ride, squeeze through the doors and up the stairs into the brisk April air of Times Square and lumber down the street to the gym

Fifth, realize as you enter the gym that you've forgotten your keys and then be rejected from the facility (just in case you are your evil twin bent on destruction).

Sixth, give up on the gym and go on to work... it's not like you can go home without keys anyway.

Seventh, realize that through it all, you still can't believe you are here and love this city and your job regardless of the (sometimes constant) headaches you face.

And now... to actually start the rest of the day.  Enjoy!

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