Sunday, April 25, 2010

Art Isn't Easy

Portrait, Goldie Hawn, 1996
I accidentally (and to my horror) left a collection of my own artwork in Alabama when I moved to NYC two years ago.  But my friend Lynn was good enough to send it to me (although I realized the other day that one painting is still in a closet at the University... gotta get it shipped ASAP).

In unpacking the artwork I really remembered how much I loved the creative process of putting pen, ink, charcoal to paper (or canvas or wood or steel).  It got me interested in creating again and I've started a new piece that (due to a mix of bad time management and frustration) has sat half finished in the living room for over a week now. Have to get back to it soon. 

The box of art was shipped to my office since it, unlike my apartment, has someone at the desk who can sign for packages in my absence.  Several coworkers gathered as I unboxed the pieces and flipped through them, remembering each piece like an old friend that I hadn't seen in years. Flipping through them I realized how fascinated I was with people, particularly faces.

Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf, 2008
One of my colleagues commented that I had a comic book sensibility about my art - even for the more realistic pieces.  I suppose that's true.  It's probably also why I love the theatre... this heightened sense of reality that is probably improbable but always a great adventure.

A full gallery is available on my Facebook page if you're curious.  Art is very personal, so even writing about it is weird to me, but I wanted to share a little of who I am that many friends do not get to see on a regular basis.

I made a valid attempt to use Picasa to upload to a web folder viewable by anyone but that failed... couldn't figure it out.  So, it's all Facebook for now.


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