Thursday, May 06, 2010

Living Inside a Song: Part 1

Tonight, for the second time (first on Broadway) I experienced the miracle of luck and the perseverance of faith (at moments, literally) that is Sheri Rene Scott and she brings, as promised, your opportunity to achieve Everyday Rapture right there with her.

In her "true-ish story of a young woman's journey from Mennonite to Manhattanite"... well, I won't bore you with my "book review" of her work, but I can promise you it's a delightfully neurotic walk (hand-in-hand at times... it feels that intimate) down a very strange path that leads from cloistered and confined to creative and crazy... crazy, the good kind, like your favorite cousin or your cooky coworker.  Not the crazy-kind-of-crazy that puts you in a jacket (excuse me, it's a bit tight) and then says goodbye to your family from a thin, slightly frosted window as they wave goodbye riding from the back of a dirty green and beige station wagon. Jesus, enough reminiscing... this was supposed to be a beautiful night full of fun, songs, a step out of Broadway and up the ladder of the roof!

Point being before I either give away too much OR before you decide I'm too much of a kook to really think this through... you really have to see Sheri and her team go full out.  It's told almost in fairy tale fashion: evil queens (Becky), great wizards (Mr. Rogers), unreachable Gods (Judy Garland) and a fabulous hero, a shining Knight name Jerome who is lost too soon in the battle for good.

If you ever feel torn between two forces.... a speck of dust... or the receiver being handed the world created just for you... just remember, that in your pockets are both and someday you pull out the dust and others, you get to enjoy the crown and throne.

I'm rambling, I know.  It happens when I get excited about something that speaks to much to me.  Something that says, "Hey you..." (are you talking to me Sheri?)  "...yes... you with the glazed over look that says you are drooling in the glow of my Broadwayness... or you just came in from the Dunkin' Donuts across 42nd Street, save me one please and then please stop rambling and just enjoy."

You are so right.  And so I write, the end.  Go see this show and wait for the moment when the magic coming from the stage floats out over the audience and it hovers, waiting to pop over the person who needs it most.  And when it falls onto your fingertip, you'll know it is for you... and pop!  You're been blessed with a moment of Sheri Rene Scott.

Now, go order a ticket (from this link or your favorite discount service.... just do it and feel the miracle soon.

And P.S. Everyday Rapture has been nominated for two 2010 Tony® Awards! Sherie Rene Scott received a nomination for Best Actress in a Musical, and, along with Dick Scanlan, she also received a nomination for Best Book of a Musical.

(Part 2 to come)

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