Friday, April 02, 2010

Take the A** Train

I am all for comfort and one's ability to enjoy his or her conveyance from point A to point B.  But, when your comfort impedes mine, I get a little perturbed.

Today I enjoyed a short day at the office (thank you Good Friday) and then a great meal with friends at the Rocking Horse Cafe in Chelsea.  Afterward we walked down to 16th Street where I caught the A train heading uptown to home.

The train was packed for 4pm on a Friday.  There were no available seats for those boarding... and by available I mean "where someone wasn't being a total dip and using a seat for storage".

This woman (see picture to your left) had a purse in her lap and two carryon bags in the seat next to her.  Several people clamored onto the train, saw her, looked at her bags with confusion and then asked, "Excuse me" or "May?"  To which she turned her head and ignored their request.  Not only was she rude to ignore the multiple requests but she was also breaking the law (MTA Section 1050.7, 10(1)).  Yeah, I looked it up.

Now no one in their right mind is going to push her bags out of the way (well, I know a few people who would... yeah, you know who you are... and I celebrate your gutsiness).  So this woman rode for 40+ blocks with her bags until she popped out past midtown after collecting her inventory of American Tourister clearance items.

I mean, really?  She's almost as uncouth as the Sweet Fanny from Red.

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