Wednesday, March 03, 2010

"American Uh-Oh" or "Stop Calling Her 'E'"

So, if you follow my tweets (@wthomasadkins) you know a little about how I feel about this season's Idol contestants...THEY'RE  DISASTERS!

Seriously, are these really the best people out of hundreds of thousands that they could chose from?

This same rant has been posted by plenty of people, but I just have to say share.

These contestants are pitchy (thanks for making sure that the entire world has that word in their everyday vernacular Randy!), weak and uninteresting.

The boys (jeez, Tim Urban, really?) are a train wreck and the girls (anyone??) were the broken track that the boys rolled over.  CA-RASH!  (Ok, except Crystal who, while not my favorite style, is really rockin' it tonight.)

Then you have the judges.  Those returning from last season have given up giving off-the-cuff advice and have resorted to three or four cue-card responses:

Randy:  "Yo dawg, ya know I love you.  I'm your biggest fan but for me, hmm, I just don't know.  I didn't love it."

Kara: "You are a talented, unique person but I don't think you're an artist... yet."

Simon: "That was probably ok for karaoke."

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Thank God for Ellen, sorry, I mean "E"... really Randy??  You don't call Kara "K" or Simon "S".  That's right, I'm pointing figures and asking you "R"!  But at least Ellen has constructive comments and balances those the thorns with warm fuzzies.  Did she think you sucked?  Yeah, but in a pleasant way that makes you feel good about your failure.

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