Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Gym vs. Roseanne

Lying on the couch today I was thrilled to fall into a Roseanne marathon on Oxygen (the other Lifetime).  I missed a lot of Roseanne when it was on originally, seeing the first few seasons but then losing track of it as the family grew and eventually won the lottery (did you see that final season... what?)  But revisiting the show is like running into an old friend and catching up in a dirty little diner.

Roseanne reminds me a lot of home.  When the show first aired we had the same couch.  The following weekend my mom sold it at a yard sale, "We are not that white trash."

But today, when I was going to get up at 6:15pm and go to the gym but slept in until 9am instead, I now struggle with "hanging out with Roseanne and the Connors" or going to the gym.  It is like knowing that you have to leave the party early because you have "responsibilities".  Lame.

Eventually the gym will win.  Could their be a better motivation to better oneself than Roseanne?

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