Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sanity via Pancakes

In a perfect world I wouldn't have to go the gym fives days a week to maintain a thin-like shape (forget tone... that takes hours EVERY day).  But this world isn't perfect and thank God... otherwise we'd be bored to tears.

And because it's not perfect I can indulge... and on a bad day I might make breakfast for dinner... because you KNOW nothing is as comforting as pancakes.

Aunt Jemima was a brilliant woman (or rather, a brilliant, if not offensive - at least in early forms to a later audience - marketing campaign).  When the men who developed the brand put "her" on the market the boxes of ready mix moved like hotcakes!  (Savor that pun.... feel it's warm syrupy goodness.)

Anyhow, thanks to this turn-of-the-century invention I am able to come home and bask in the light and fluffy cake-iness of pancakes.  They're pretty magical.  It's like therapy-in-a-box. Problems?  Sorry, I don't remember.  I'm enjoying pancakes at the moment.  Ask me tomorrow.  Hey, don't knock it... it's much healthier than other alleged habits.

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