Monday, February 01, 2010

Today isn't any other day you know...

In honor of her birthday yesterday I had to do a post on my favorite lady of the stage and screen.  If you follow this blog (as I should ALSO do and do a better job of writing) you'll note how much I enjoy Carol Channing.  You could put Carol Channing into just about anything and I'd be happy.  Same goes for Harvey Fierstein.  In fact, if you could make the 1985 Irwin Allen mini-series into a stage musical you had BETTER cast Miss Harvey in the role of the White Queen... well, I'm almost certain that my little world would implode but I'd also be ever so delighted. If we're close friends we've probably watched Alice in Wonderland on DVD (many times over) but for those who have not enjoyed the pleasure please take a moment to peruse Ms. Channing's une présence sur scène!

She can even rock children's television. Check out this homage she offered on a 1984 episode of Sesame Street. 

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