Saturday, August 16, 2008


Check out the review that UNDERWEAR: A SPACE MUSICAL got from It's fantabulous!

Here's a brief preview but you can read the whole thing here!

"Mind control. Robots. World domination. Attractive men and women in their skivvies. That was enough to send 12 of my friends into an emailing frenzy to be the one to join me for Underwear: A Space Musical at FringeNYC. However, if you're not hooked already, perhaps it's worth mentioning that this fluffy, campy, zany, hysterically funny pop tuner is also really, really, "blastin'"-ly good. . . Don't let Underwear: A Space Musical blast off without seeing it while it's here at the Fringe! It's far too much fun to be missed." - Ethan Angelica,

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