Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nancy Drew and the Tale of the Missing Nano

So, about two years ago (give or take a few months), I lost the BRAND NEW Ipod Nano that my friend Mike gave me. He had a great Ipod already and got the Nano with his new Mac so he offered it to me and I gleefully accepted.

However, within weeks it was gone. I searched high and low.

The Nano was no more.

Then tonight, I was at Cleo's on 9th Avenue celebrating my friend Brandon's birthday (Brandon is one of the authors of and a producing partner on UNDERWEAR: A SPACE MUSICAL). I had on this jacket that I hadn't worn in ages... literally... AGES! Well, I slick it down (making sure I don't look bulgy in it) and feel this weird, blocky spot.

I reach into the inside pocket and FOR CRYING OUT LOUD... there's the $#*(*&(#&% Nano hiding... COMPLETE with ear buds!

So, that's the idiocy of my night. Hopefully I've gained enough dumb points to get me through the next few months. If not, you'll hear about it.

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