Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Road Movie... sans the "movie"

So, next week I head out for the long trek to NYC. All told, it's a 16 hour and 10 minute drive (according to the "totally reliable" Google Maps). Ren (thank God for him) is coming with to keep me company, keep me sane, share the burden... lol... THANK YOU REN! It'll be a nutty, wild trip and hopefully the world will not open up and swallow us whole like that time the interstate collapsed and I drove into a sink hole. I'll tell that story soon... no worries. If you know it already, go ahead and laugh. It's ok to laugh NOW.

So, the cats are going to stay with my mom until I secure my own place. For the time being I'll be subletting in Washington Heights... "In the heights I buy my coffee and I go..." It's a great apartment and I'll be surrounded by friends (thank God). And luckily, in case my lips ever blow up again (see my Jessica Rabbit moment to the side) there's a hospital down in the 160s that Adam can rush me to. Perfect! Ciao for now! Wish me luck!

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