Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In his triumphant NYC return...

Yep, it's true! I left NYC back in 2002 and took some time to finish my degree, develop a career, etc... and now it's time to go "back home." Six years is a long time but the city is still the same amazing place that I've always loved.

I have an apartment lined up, exciting new job, and tons of support from friends and family... both in the city and from afar... and some of whom are going to come from afar and join me soon.

I cannot wait. This is such an exciting new part of my life and career. It will be equally terrifying, thrilling, fabulous, and frenzied. Throw in a dash of my typically, clutsy disasters and you've got a recipe for a new NBC "must see TV" sitcom!

I'll miss all of my friends that I've made in Bama but fear not... I'm just a phone call/email away. And when you come to the city for a little vaca, you know where to find me!

"I might not know if we are in an adventure. So if we get into an adventure you say.....Pudding!" Well friends.... PUDDING!

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