Saturday, February 18, 2006

And the #1 most overplayed song on Myspace is...

...ARGHH... Madonna hasn't been this popular since 1984. What the hell is up with every queen, sorority girl, and certified public accountant posting Hung Up (song or video) on their Myspace page. Ridiculous.

On that note, I despise the music playing on Myspace. When I do check it - and I do often because like the inane addiction to The Sims when it debuted, I have to see who in the world is online all the time now - I get inundated with techno beats or horribly depressing songs that make me want to alert the nearest suicide hotline of these pages.

Operator: Suicide Hotline, how can I help you?
Me: Yes, there is a Myspace user who is playing Cinderella's "Don't Know What You've Got (Till It's Gone)".
Operator: And the username sir?
Me: MorbidlySadAngelofDarknessinaPitofDespair247
Operator: Thank you sir, we're sending a rescue unit to that location immediatly.
Me: Just doing my civic duty.

So annoying.

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