Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Puberty 2.0

In the past 24 hours I've suddenly had an attack of puberty all over again.  It seems that acne has come back to haunt me after losing the War of 1993.

Adult acne (which is misleading because it is no more respectful than teenage acne and far more humiliating) is incredibly annoying.  WebMD has a deliciously horrifying definition for what is really just Mother Nature's curse upon the oily-skinned.
"At the heart of acne lies the pimple -- what doctors call a comedo. It's a plug of fat, skin debris, and keratin (the stuff nails, hair, and skin are made of) stuck in a hair duct. When it's open, we call it a blackhead. When it's closed over, we call it a whitehead. Whiteheads often cause the walls of the hair duct to rupture. This leads to redness, infection, and the papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts of acne." — WebMD
They say acne can be caused by stress.  I would love to know exactly what my skin has to be stressed about.  Brain?  Yes, it is stressed.  Body??  Hell yes.  It is also very anxiety-ridden.  But my skin doesn't have to do anything but stick to my muscles and bones and keep things out.  It even does this when I sleep, so the fact that it can be stressed is incredibly taxing... which causes my brain to work overtime, causing my body to work harder to support my brain... which causes my skin to freak out because it has to compensate for everything that my brain and body are doing.


Discovery made.  This body is all interconnected and if one part is having issues everything is goes all out-of-whack.  

Thankfully, because of the Labor Day weekend, I'm off for five straight days and I will be doing my best to de-stress.  Many days of quiet reclusion are just what the doctor have ordered.

Fingers crossed that these plagued pores will be good as new on Tuesday.

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