Thursday, November 26, 2009


My First TurkeySweet lord... I am FULL! I spent last night preparing the turkey and cranberry chutney. The turkey spent all night in a brine and then jumped in the oven this morning at around 10am. Chutney came out a little gingery buts its good.

While the turkey cooked I prepped the green bean casserole, artichoke dip, stuffing and sweet potatoes. A whole lot of food ended up on our plates but it was a fairly successful Thanksgiving. Now if we just wait a few hours until digestion has settled we can eat a whole new round of goodies. The recipes are linked below if you're ever interested along with a few pics of the end results. Thanks Food Network and!

Green Bean Casserole.


Sweet Potatoes with Pecans and Marshmallows.

The finished product!

Good Eats Roast Turkey
Parmesan Artichoke Casserole - All Recipes
Cranberry, Apple and Ginger Chutney
Spicy Candied Sweet Potatoes Durkee's Green Bean Casserole (recipe on label)
Store bought pumpkin pie (too tired to make that)
Grand's biscuits (couldn't find Sister Shubert's Yeast Rolls anywhere)

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