Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th... strikes!

And so it happened. I hadn't thought much about today being Friday the 13th... except for Spike TV showing at least one of the movies this afternoon. But it was bound to go awry. But this Friday the 13th crept up on me later in the day.

At around 4pm I took Joxer out for a quick potty break before heading downtown to meet Ren.

Stepping into the street I heard a neighbor shout, "Wait!" Just as I stepped back on the curb a white sedan zoomed past, backing up down our one-way street. Seriously? I couldn't even shout it out I was so shocked. Immediately I bent down to pick up Joxer to make sure he was OK. He looked at me as though I were crazy... he hadn't stepped into the street at all. People say animals have a sixth sense about that. I suppose they are right.

So, after safely crossing the street and having his afternoon movement we started back home. After looking both ways we stepped into the street. Halfway across we noticed a little economy box-on-wheels aiming straight for us. The driver had spun around the corner without slowing and was careening toward us at 35 mph. I grabbed Joxer and ran across just as she screeched to a stop. I'm certain she only stopped so that she could flip us her finger. Seriously?! again. You nearly hit me and Joxer you psycho. Again, I didn't say a word. I just looked at her, with the same expression of what the hell Joxer had given me less than 10 minutes before.

Inside, safe. All is good. I drop Joxer off, say goodbye to the cats, grab my bag and head to the train... which left right as I walked down the stairs to the platform. Brilliant! But luck turned as another train came within four minutes and carted me away to NoHo.

But it was all a ploy. Friday the 13th was waiting for me as I exited the train. "Sorry, the tickets for your show tonight didn't come through," was the email that I received on my phone. Gah, you're kidding me, right? I headed into Ren's store where he was closing up his shift. "No show," I mimed (don't ask how, but I managed) while he was on the phone. Friday the 13th had struck again.

So be it Friday the 13th. You've won this battle. But I'll be ready next time. Anyone have any sage I can smudge with? Sigh.

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