Monday, July 07, 2008

And we're back...

So... back to this blog business. I've been in NYC for just almost three weeks now... which is ironically about how long I have not been actively blogging. So updates:

Had a birthday on Sunday... it was great. I spent the day with great friends, had good times, and enjoyed every minute of it. I also got a great care package from Ren today which made me happy and I, of course, showed off to my office mates. Not in the "you didn't get a package so I'm better than you" kinda way... but in the "I'm lucky to have amazing people in my life" kinda way.

Ok, enough sap... we also had our first set of auditions today for UNDERWEAR: A SPACE MUSICAL today. I could only be present for the last hour but I was thrilled to see some great talent come out way. It'll be interesting to see how the creative team makes their decision.

Speaking of auditions, I've been addicted to LEGALLY BLONDE: THE SEARCH FOR THE NEXT ELLE WOODS. It's so juicy and I just can't stop watching. It also makes me want to throw on some pink houndstooth, some highlights (ok, full on blonde) and storm the stage. But... that just isn't reasonable... and they're about to announce who leaves tonight so I gotta scoot! More later!!!


... said...

Hi, Tommy. Almost lost in your fancy Myspace template—can’t get to the place that allows me leaving messages.

I am glad to visit this blog and know you are happy in NYC. I am happy for you

Happy birthday!

Meghan said...

just so you know, angie and i are addicted to that show too! have you seen it on broadway yet??