Friday, October 21, 2005

Tells me I'm bloody damn Bubbles does it?

After reading my friend Mike’s blog and hearing about his results on the Which Golden Girl are you? Quiz, and then watching AbFab tonight I decided to take the Which AbFab character are you? quiz. (Click here to take it if you wish...AbFab Quiz).

Turns out I'm Bubbles so of course the bloody thing is faulty. It can't tell its digits from its whozits much less who I am and how much I'm not like Eddy. Ridiculous. That scowling BBC quiz sitting there, staring at me, judging me... like a big glowing electronic canker sore. Bastard. I'll tell you who I am darling and it's not loopin' loony Bubbles that's for sure. I'm more a Jane Seymour and Julia Sugarbaker combined that's what I am sweetie but you know, puters just don't have that kind of knowledge yet. Yes darling, PUTERS, p-u-t-e-r-s, the little bobblies with the blinking lights and the click-click board for putting in words, you know. Like the Apricot or the IBS... puters damnit! Anyhow, they aren't smart enough to know the difference between people you know. It's not like you walk into the room and hear, "Hello dear, how was your day?" from a $2000 Light Bright do you sweetie? No, you don't. So the quiz was bully and I wouldn't wish the results I had on anyone. Except maybe Elizabeth Hurley, the skinny bitch.

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