Wednesday, October 20, 2010


View of the Queens County Farm
Museum Maize Maze from above
Last weekend was a-MAZE-ing.  (Excuse the dreaded pun but it had to happen... regardless of how corny it may be.)

The Queens County Farm Museum sets up the "Amazing Maize Maze" each year but I had no idea.  I don't remember how I heard about it... probably Gothamist or AMNY, but regardless of how I heard I'm ecstatic that I did.

If you head out on the E or F Train to the Kew Gardens/Union Turnpike Station and then hop onto the Q46 Bus (eastbound on Union Turnpike) to the Little Neck Parkway stop you can walk the 3 block to the entrance.  It's a bit of a trek (unless you have a car) but once you're there you discover this quaint little farm in the middle (or edge) of Queens and suddenly you're thrown back to the late 1800s and the smells (some good, some meh) overwhelm your senses.

But the main attraction and point of this post is the Amazing Maize Maze which doesn't lie.  You start out by getting an 8' tall flag that represents your team.  We were "Jack and the Cornstalks".  Then, after a brief "Stalk Talk" where the officiate tells you about the maze, where to find clues, map pieces, etc, you are clocked in to check your time and sent on your way.  You wander through the dense corn, searching for mailboxes that will give your pieces of the map and hunt down clue cards to nudge you in the right direction.  We clocked out of the maze at 47 minutes... not bad timing.  Some people took upward of 2 hours while some teenagers made it through in 16 minutes... but they didn't bother with the clue and mailbox hunts.

Anyhow, the maze is still running until November 7 so go.  Now.

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