Friday, August 07, 2009

What I (and Rhomas Designs) did on my (our) summer vacation:

Ok, so I failed miserably on the summer blog upkeep but plan to get back into action.  Here's the news so far that you have missed.
Our marketing/graphic design company, Rhomas Designs, has grown a little bit.  It's inching its way into the market.  We're currently working on All Fall Down The Musical, one of the many shows in this year's New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF).  For those that don't know, NYMF was an incubator for last season's Broadway (and Off Broadway) hit [title of show]All Fall Down is great and is one of the shows you should not miss this year.  Links to buy tickets are available at the AFD website or from the NYMF site.  
You can also make a HUGE difference to the show by donating to AFD!  So, if you ever wanted to feel like a producer and have a few bucks to throw into the mix, now's your chance.
Rhomas Designs also just completed the Puppetry Yellow Pages for UNIMA-USA.  To explain, I've inserted their mission statement here:
The organization's mission is to link puppeteers nationally and internationally, publish information on and for the field, offer support and technical assistance for professional puppeteers through seminars, conferences, and symposia; stimulate the general public's interest in the art of puppetry; and promote the visibility of American puppeteers all over the world.
This phone book will be distributed to their membership and is pretty exciting for us - we are now, officially, INTERNATIONAL!
In other, non-Rhomas related news:  Ren got an amazing new job working for Blick Art Materials and is now a member of CheerNY!  CheerNY is a cheer for charity organization that does a lot of good work in the community.  Be sure to check them out by clicking the link above.  
Ok, onward and upward.  More news will come more often - promise!

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