Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finally! Yeesh. -OR- Do Critics Have This Much Power?

Yes, finally, a new post. How did I let this go for nearly two months? Who knows. Life gets busy, you prioritize and then remember... CRAP... I have a blog.

My bad.

Anyhow, back to the basics. There has been a lot of debate the last year asking for an answer to the following: Do theatre critics really have the power to close a show or is their reign of power is ending?

Exhibit A: The Story of My Life
The musical just opened this last Thursday and was drowned in negative reviews. Now, let me first state that I have not seen the show but I've heard mixed reviews from friends and colleagues who have. So, I'm not taking a stand on the quality of the show... just presenting it as an example in the hopes of starting a dialog about the above question.

Last night, it was announced that today would be the show's closing performance.

All signs point to the negative reviews. And while that may be valid, what are we missing here. I'd love to have your comments to discuss this. Ready... on your mark... get set.... GO!

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