Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Suddenly, the wheels are in motion... straight outta town!

(Photo by Paul Kolnik. Courtesy of

It is officially the saddest day in the theatre industry. Xanadu has announced its closing.

I love this show. I mean, I could eat this show for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a midnight snack. Fourth meal? Screw you Taco Bell! Serve me up some Xanadu in a to-go bag and I'm set.

But alas, the fires of Hephaestus will soon be snuffed. Sigh. But it will at least skate across America in it's national tour, starting in LaJolla.

So, point being... if you haven't seen it, go NOW. If you have seen it and loved it, go NOW. If you saw it, didn't care for it, go BACK!

Hell, it would even make the Lehman Brothers forget there current woes. (Although this probably didn't make them laugh.)

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