Thursday, May 29, 2008

GREASE to get Speared?

I'm incredibly conflicted. posted this news piece about 3 hours ago and I've been struggling with this ever since.

On the one hand, I loved Britney up through (and including) her STRONGER phase. She was fun, we all enjoyed her. We thought, "Now that is a good 2.5 minutes of pure bubble gum pop." It was almost (repeat... almost) as fun as Debbie Gibson and Tiffany.

On the other hand, she's gone bat ass crazy it seems and her stock has plummeted, risen a tad, plummeted, split shares with Cheetos, inched up, dove, yada yada. Now this.

So... I offer two scenarios:

A) This is an ingenious move by the producers to generate buzz for a show that has received generally negative reviews. In doing so, they generate sales, could possibly offer super-priced premium seats, run the show longer, yada yada. (The risk here is in turning the show into the revolving door of TV celebs like the 90s revival.)


B) This is a train wreck waiting to happen and the show will crumble under the weight of craziness, the paparazzi, the... you get the idea.

So, this will either be a major coup for the show... or the biggest disaster on Broadway since Bobbi Boland.

Stay tuned!

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