Monday, June 06, 2005


This may not seem like a huge tragedy but I have lost my space in NYC for our graduate showcase. We were hoping to be in the Signature Theatre's Peter Norton Space like we were last year but we lost out to a rental with a 10-week contract. Who can blame them? Not I.

Now I am feverishly on the search for another location where we can produce our ONE-NIGHT ONLY Showcase on Monday, August 15th. If any of you readers out there can think of someplace let me know... I've sort of plowed through the traditional rental spaces with very little luck. Actually, no luck, but I feel better believing that I might be on the brink of a breakthrough at any moment.

Let's do a little exercise (make sure you read this first because I'm going to ask you to close your eyes and imagine something). Now, close your eyes (see I told you) and imagine if you will the entire island of Manhattan. Now, out of that bustling jungle of concrete and steel lies a tiny, tiny space that might seat anywhere of 99-200 people. Now that space is actually going to be vacant on Monday, August 15th AND it's going to be reasonably priced AND it's going to want to house us for approximately 8 hours. It's perfect. You realize that I need to know about this space immediatly so you pick up the phone or log onto the internet and call/email me and let me know about it. Agh, relief. You've saved the Class of 2005 from a disaster. Now don't you feel good.........?

WELL I DON'T! Because it was just pretend. Now, all of you New Yorkers (and NY transplants), please dig through the windmills of your minds and think about any spaces that you thought were a) cool, b) the right size, and c) might be available and actually tell me about them. Sigh... to be in the city again where I could just go ip and inquire about someplace. Oh sweet mystery of life...

Well, I'm back to the grind so that I can call "Hallelujah" and rest easy that I have secured a location. Holler at me! :)

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